An improperly sealed building can lead to dramatic energy losses and premature system failures due to moisture and air infiltration, resulting in unnecessary expenses for the building owner.

A building envelope design must take into consideration a number of factors including building location, building use, material compatibility and constructability. Adherence to building code does not guarantee a high-performing building envelope. Many buildings constructed only to code exhibit a lack of energy efficiency and durability, and experience significant performance problems associated with air and moisture leakage.
Let Carlisle Construction Materials take the guesswork out of your building envelope details with the NVELOP system. NVELOP is a complete integration of roofing, waterproofing, air and vapor barrier and insulation systems for use on all six sides of a building.

When you build with NVELOP, you not only exceed construction standards but you also create a valuable, high-performance structure characterized by increased service life and reduced maintenance and energy costs.
Flooded roof due to improperly designed taper.

Condensation in wall insulation from air leakage.