CCM offers the only single-source coverage for leakage on all six sides of a building. The NVELOP Total System Warranty eliminates the uncertainty of who to call in the unlikely event of water infiltration. It eliminates the confusion that could result from different trades pointing fingers at one-another and denying responsibility. The NVELOP Total System Warranty offers a true teamwork solution on the construction site, while providing the building owner with the safety of knowing where the accountability lies.

To apply for the NVELOP or the NVELOP Plus warranty, the contractor responsible for the work shall complete the Notice of Award form before installation of the system begins, and the Notice of Completion Form when system installation is complete.

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1. The NVELOP Warranty
Carlisle will warrant the materials and material compatibility of all CCM-manufactured materials used in the construction of a building.
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2. The NVELOP Plus Warranty
Carlisle will warrant the performance of all materials and installation. The NVELOP Total System Warranty offers added peace of mind by ensuring that a certified NVELOP building envelope consultant is on the job monitoring every square foot of every CCM NVELOP product installed.
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